10 Ways to Prevent Your Mobile Phone Spend Data Without You Wanting to

If you are an avid surfer of the web, or you need to always be connected to the Internet for work or for studies, you can get a plan mobile that gives you a higher quota, if your budget will allow.However, there is also the option to manage the usage of your plan data current to get full use of every byte of data that goes in and out of your smartphone as some tips to prevent your mobile phone use your credits alone.

My Phone Spends the Credit Alone? Then to Monitor the Use of the Data

When you have a quota of mobile data, the first thing you want to do is monitor your data usage. To be precise, you should monitor which apps are using the most data, and exactly how much they are using. The more you understand about where your data is going, the better you can manage your quota.

The devices comes with a monitoring feature built-in, but you can also opt for apps to help you with this monitoring. There are several options, and the best will monitor the amount of data that each application is using, so that you know if you should limit the use of the application.

Avoid Spending Data in the Cell Being Advised of the Quota of Data

When you’re out of the house, you will tend to forget to monitor your use of the data. This is why you should set an alarm to alert you when you are using a lot of your quota. Using applications for data management, you can set the value of their quota and when you want the application to notify you about the use of data.

In Android phones, you can go in settings and data usage to manage their consumption. You can set your data usage cycle, the mobile data limit, check the culprits that are sucking the most data, and even set your mobile data connection to automatically turn off once a threshold is reached. Applications can also do this if you prefer.

Ways to Prevent Your Mobile Phone Spend Too Much Quota Internet: Compress the Data

There are many services that allow you to compress the data you receive so that you don’t end up with his quota. The best applications work by compressing the data in the cloud before sending them to your device. Some Web browsers also have support for features like this. The browsers allow you to send packets of the first data to the Google servers to be compressed, minimizing the data usage. Search a little, and there are always solutions to reduce the size of the data.

How to not Spend Credit Mobile with Internet: Pre Load as Much as Possible

The best way to save the maximum mobile data as possible is to plan ahead. If you are able to switch between Wi-Fi and unlimited in the office, at home or any other environment, the pre-load as much content as possible for offline use. This will help you eliminate the need to use your data plan.

Instead of doing streaming, download music and videos to your device. Doing this can save a big chunk of your mobile data. Some applications offer the option of pre loading its content only on Wi-Fi, so check to see if your favorite apps offer this. Some apps can help you in this configuration also.

Use a Data Connection Slower to Prevent Spending

The faster your speed data, the more you will browse. This translates into more data being used. Even if you are not actively using your data, the background processes can still do this secretly, and then suddenly you’ll notice in the middle of the month that your quota has been exhausted.

Whenever possible, switch to 3G or preferably, Edge/2G. A slower speed will mean less use by you and by the device. You would be surprised with the data that you can save by doing this simple trick.

Mobile Data Turning on by Itself? Activate the Push Mode of the Applications, by Turning off the Automatic Mode

Push is an extremely useful feature. With it you can get updates from your e-mail, social media, messaging applications among others. Many of us use so often that we forget that these little notifications uses data. And the more you use push, the more it will take of your data. You can configure the application by application, by turning on the download push at a preset interval, or only when you request the download of the data.

Mobile Data Turned Off and Charging: Quit Background Processes

When you close an application, it is not actually closed. There may still be some background process that are running for certain reasons. One of the reasons is that it is connected to the internet to complete the download of items for the application.

To ensure that an app is closed, remains closed, use the task manager of the device. In iOS, double-click the home button to see a list of applications currently running and swipe up to force the output. On Android, see if there is a way for the application to quit the current download or if that is not possible, force the app to stop going to Settings -> Applications and the application that you want to stop. There are apps that can also help you manage background processes, turning them off when you need it.

Disable Data for Specific Apps

Sometimes, no matter how many times you stop or force stop an application, it will always come back and continue consuming your precious data. If this continues happening with an application that you use, is there a way to deny completely the application usage of your mobile data.

On iOS, go to Settings -> Cellular and turn off cellular data for the app in question. This will prevent the application never use your cellular data. On Android, go to Settings -> data Usage, select the app in question, and, at the bottom of the page, select the check box for restrict background data. Again, there are other apps that can also help in management.

Turn Off the Automatic Update Through Mobile Data

Both the iOS and Android allow you to update your apps automatically. As useful as it is, maybe you want to turn off this feature while using cellular data. In both operating systems, there is an option to turn off automatic updating in a mobile network.

On iOS, go to Settings -> iTunes and App Store and turn off use mobile data. On Android, go to the Play Store and its settings, and tap to update applications automatically. Check the box to update apps automatically over Wi-Fi only.

Turn Off When Not in Use

This is only for extreme cases. If you find that you are approaching the limit of their quota of mobile data, you can always turn off your cellular data when you don’t need to use them. Just plug it in when you need to fetch things online.

You will no longer receive any of your messages, emails, updates, and it takes a lot of discipline for those who like to check their social networks every 10 minutes. But for those who may have a quota that is very limited, and are stuck this way, this tip is the way to go.

Bonus: Use Apps to Find WI-FI Networks Free

Finally, there are applications that are a compiled of wireless networks free that you can use in several different places. These applications will help you to connect to wireless networks, and save the precious data of your devices.

As you save data from the mobile phone? How to avoid that the data are not sucked into the background? Already had problems with the cora data ending too fast?