Android Ice Cream Sandwich on Samsung Galaxy S2

The site Pocket Now, specialized in mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, and gadgets, has released this week a video about the recent version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich running on the Galaxy S2. The result was quite surprising.

Samsung Galaxy S2 with Android 4.0

The Samsung Galaxy S2 was a smartphone top of the line Samsung. Launched in February 2012, the device has Dual Core processor 1.2 GHz, screen 4.3 inches, and just 8.5 mm thick. Have news such as point-to-point Wi-Fi, Full HD video recording (1080p) and the main camera with 8MP and front 2MP. It also has NFC, a wireless communication system secure that lets you pay bills, exchange files, open locks, digital and more. We are just beginning to discover uses for NFC.

Updates and features of Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Only with this small list of functions already gives to realize that it is a device of excellent capacity, that deserves an operating system that uses all this. The video below shows the Android Ice Cream Sandwich running on the Galaxy S2. and really the features bring lot of improvement in usability and utility in the device itself. After all, there is no point in a mobile fast the operating system is not modern, and to allow the use of simple and satisfactory of the functions of the smartphone.

The video with the Ice Cream Sandwich on the Galaxy S2 shows very well the capabilities of this great operating system that is Android. Like? If you buy one, have you seen the price of Galaxy S2 in Brazil? He barateou enough with the passing of the years, but many of its features yet even reached the mobile devices most new. It is amazing to see this, such as a mobile phone top-of-the-line can last for so long!

You have or had a Samsung Galaxy S2? Like the device?