App of Formula 1 for Android

Those who like to spend the Sunday or the late nights keeping up with the races of Formula 1 will like very much of a new application of the F1 released for Android. It is expensive, it costs R$ 56,45, and also has a free version. It is interesting to note that, even with a price so high, almost absurd compared to other mobile apps, the paid version has had between 1000 and 5000 downloads in the closing of this article.

Although so expensive the app is well done and promises to totally change the way of keeping track of a race, is simultaneously watching the TV, live at the race track or even in other locations that have access to the internet.

Recommend the installation, even if it is only the free version that already brings a lot of interesting information. It is one of the programs Android the most well made I’ve ever seen, and there were a few that I have.

Unfortunately, you will not have the video race on your Android using this app, but it shows the lap times and the position of each rider on the track and in the ranking of the race.

What the official app of Formula 1 have?

  • Pause and replay: you can replay the races when you want to, or stop the display. It is not the playback of the video, but of the race data as actually occurred in the telemetry officer.
  • Ranking: see the ranking and data from the pilot and the team in real-time.
  • Times: all the information in the telemetry such as lap times, positions, speeds, and much more thing.
  • Map positions in real-time: see a map of the track with the positions of their riders in real time during the race or in a future reproduction of the same, after.
  • Pilot favorite: choose your favorite driver and keep track of your data with a priority and emphasis.
  • Curves favorite: select portions of track or curves favorite to have more detailed information of these parts of the track.
  • Race calendar, history of the tracks, teams and riders, ratings, and much more.

Using this app you will never again see the races the same way, nor in the games of racing for Android!

On the link below you can download the official app of formula 1 racing to Android!

Download on Google Play – Free Version