Dedicated GPS or mobile phone with GPS?

Those who in doubt about how to choose a GPS for use in the car should certainly think about the possibility of using a mobile phone with a GPS instead of a dedicated GPS. On the other hand there are people who do not have the patience or even the profile geek needed to keep up to date and use a mobile phone with GPS.

Which of the two options is better? Cell phone with GPS or a dedicated GPS that is always ready inside the car?

There are those who say that to use a cell phone with GPS is equal to use the mobile phone camera as the main camera. She is always with you but hardly makes good photos, just break the branch. Others say that the versatility of the browsers of the smartphones makes it much more convenient and easy to use.

Let’s look at a list with the characteristics of each of the choices of GPS.

GPS automotive dedicated

  • + convenience – is always ready to use inside the car
  • + larger screen – easier to type and see the address
  • + most syncs very fast
  • + more resistant to the high temperatures of the vehicle
  • + easier to use
  • – not useful outside of the car
  • – more a device to maintain and update
  • – are the worst in the relationship cost / benefit
  • – update of maps may not be simple or even be paid
  • – in general, do not have integration with online services
  • – points of interest are not always up to date and complete

Mobile smartphone with GPS

  • + maps always updated with the original source on the internet
  • + possibility of change and brows for multiple programs of navigation
  • + only one unit to maintain
  • + other functions included
  • + integration with online services like latitude, Google Maps
  • + points of interest updated social, always up to date
  • – the screen in general is lower, despite the fact that new devices have screens well great
  • – connections can temporarily stop the navigation
  • – some take a little longer to sync
  • – requires greater technical knowledge to operate and maintain

Considering the above options remains the question of the profile of the user the choice between a mobile with GPS or dedicated GPS. Certainly those who use the technologies offered by smartphones more modern with iOS or Android will prefer the second option, even more if the GPS is for occasional use.

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And you? Which of the options do you prefer? You have a mobile phone with GPS? What do you think of him?