How to Block Unwanted Calls?

There are all kinds of reasons to block a number: an ex who does not call, telemarketers who do not tire of offering new products and services, scammers, or a relative that connects incessantly to borrow money. But how to block the unwanted calls Here are the steps to be taken to be able to block the calls from a number in the main systems.

Before Blocking Calls, File Claims in PROCON

The first thing to do is to reduce the number of unwanted calls coming to your phone, especially when your biggest problem are connections telemarketing. Contact the PROCON your city or state and register a complaint, taking also the number of the company that is connecting for you. It is the best way to block unwanted calls and ensure your rights as a consumer.

Block Calls in IOS

If you block someone for sending texts, FaceTime or voice calls, they will be automatically blocked to do the three thing, not just one or the other.

Blocking by incoming calls

To block a number that called him, among in the Phone application, select Recent. Find the number and click on the circle next to it. You will receive a screen with information about the call and the actions to be carried out, scroll down to Block this caller.

Blocking through the list of contacts

If you are blocking someone in their contact lists, go to Settings -> Phone -> Keypad and caller id -> Block contact. This will bring up your list of contacts, and you can scroll through and select the ones that you want to block. You can also get there through Settings/Settings -> Messages -> Blocked -> Add New. If a number that you are you calling is not in your contacts list, the iOS requires that you add it to your contacts list before blocking it. To do this, touch the number or the image at the top of the screen and go to the Create new contact. Then, follow the steps above to lock. If you have an older version of iOS, tap on the circle in the upper right corner of the screen and select Block this caller -> Block contact.

Blocking for FaceTime

If you think that they will chase after you with FaceTime, then go for this application, find the last conversation FaceTime that you have had with them and click on the circle to the side. You will receive a screen with information about the call and the actions to be taken; scroll Down to Block this caller. If you are someone in your Contacts, go to Settings -> FaceTime -> Blocked -> Add New and select the name or names to be blocked.

How to Know if You Have Been Blocked by Someone on IOS?

Complementing our tips to block callers, if you think it was locked, the signs include being sent directly to voice mail on calls, never see the message “Delivered” appear in your iMessage and you have your text in green (unlike the blue). These things can also happen if the person you are trying to contact does not have a connection, so don’t assume immediately that you have been blocked. But if it has been some time and you still not getting it, it may be that you have been blocked.

Block Calls in Android

There is a universal path for blocking contacts on Android smartphones, and is a feature that older versions of Android do not generally have. Fortunately, for those users with Android devices running Android from version 6.0 Marshmallow, the system offers a way to block a caller directly from the Phone application. Some devices also allow users to enable a lock mode for the number through the settings of the phone.

Block calls on a cell phone Nexus, Pixel, or Motorola

When you are in the Phone app, tap the more menu icon next to the microphone. Then, select Settings -> call Blocking and add the number you want to block. You can also go to call History or recent Calls and tap the number you want to block and select Block. Here, you can also report the call as spam.

Block calls on Samsung phones

If you have a Samsung, then you can easily block phone numbers. Select the Phone icon on the home screen, tap the menu the three dots in the top right corner and tap Settings. You will find the blocked numbers that are listed here, and you can also use this menu to manage the numbers in your Block list. You can even toggle the option to Block anonymous calls if you want. You can also block numbers from your call log. To do this, open Phone -> Recent, and then tap a number or contact. You can then tap Details -> Menu (three dots in the upper right corner -)> Number lock, that will give you the option to block the number in question.

Block calls on LG phones

LG has become relatively simple to block numbers on your device. To begin, open the Phone app and navigate to the tab of call logs. Tap the number you want to block and then tap the menu the three dots in the upper right corner. Subsequently, select the number blocked on the menu. You can also review, add, or remove numbers from your list, by opening the Phone application by navigating to the call log tab, by tapping on the menu three dots in the upper right corner and choosing call Blocking and Decline messages -> blocked numbers.

Blocking calls on other phones, Android

In the call log, you can block incoming calls from specific numbers. Select the number you want to block and then press or the menu icon 3 dots in the upper right corner and select Add to block list. This will disable incoming calls from specific numbers.

If there is a relative particularly persistent, friend or ex whose number you saved, you can block them. Just pull your contacts, select the person you want to block and press the small button on the right corner that looks like a pencil. Then, tap the menu icon 3 dots in the upper right corner and check the box next to All calls to the voice mail. The calls from this contact will now be directed to the inbox of the voice of its operator.

One of the most common routes to lock is to pull your contacts list by selecting the phone icon on the home screen. Then, tap the menu the three dots and choose Settings> call> Call Rejection/Blocking calls -> reject List/block control -> Create. At this point, Android phones will have a search box that will appear. Enter the phone number or the name of the person you want to block, and this name will be added to the List of Rejection/Blocking Automatic.

Using an App to Block Calls

If none of the other options suit you, or you just want a more friendly way of blocking calls on your smartphonethen a dedicated application may be your best bet for blocking calls. Both the App Store and in the Play Store there are several options of applications, each one with qualities better than the other, in paid versions or free. Opt for apps that have more downloads and higher notes and you will have a good app for blocking calls.

Managed to block the calls with success? Leave in the comments what you found, and also the suggestions of apps that you have used!