How to Choose a Smartphone Good and Cheap?

Ready to upgrade your smartphone but don’t want to spend a lot of money? You have more choices than you can imagine when it comes to choosing a new smartphone. But this also means that sifting out the specifications and brands and models can be a difficult task.

To make this board as universal as possible, we recommend particular phones, but you should use the guidelines below to make an informed choice about a smartphone nice and cheap for your needs.

Smartphone Good and Cheap: IOS Versus Android

For some, the software platform that your new phone is running is the main element of choice. For others, hardly matter. So, what are the main differences between iOS and Android?

These platforms are increasingly similar, as they are lending each other’s resources for years. Most of your favorite apps will work well on both. And they offer the same fundamental features to allow you to do everything you want in a modern smartphone.

That said, the Android continues to be the mobile operating system more customizable. If you want to, you can change the SMS application default or the default browser. You can also renew all the icons and widgets to create an interface truly custom. The applications can also connect to the deepest parts of the phone, which means that they can perform extra tasks. Already the Apple iOS is more limited in what it allows applications and users do on iPhones. His fans would say that this results in a smoother experience, while others say that it is very restrictive.

The iPhones are also designed to work primarily with other Apple equipments, such as MacBooks and the Apple Watch. However, you can still sync your phone easily with iTunes on Windows or use it without a computer. To choose between Android and iPhone, you should also think about the other applications and platforms that you use.

Although some of the debates that you may read online, the Android and the iOS are very similar in terms of performance and features. Each one has its own feel and way of working. So, if you are already on one platform or the other, try to pick up the phone from a friend for ten minutes to see how the other side looks like.

In the matter of price, if you want a smartphone, good and cheap Apple will need to opt for older models, usually 1 or 2 generations earlier than the current in order to be worth the purchase. In the case of Android, there are models in various price ranges, and you do not need to search the older generations to have on hand a good smartphone.

Which Mobile Good and Cheap to Pick Up at the Time of Changing the Operating System?

Unless you have only old enough to get his first phone, choosing between Android and iOS is less about comparing the two and more about to consider if it is worth the effort of change. It’s no wonder that Apple and Google want to lock users into their applications and services as tightly as possible.

If you are heavily invested in the ecosystem of Google, such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos, and so on, then, to switch between Android and iOS is pretty easy, whatever the direction in which you are going, because all Google apps are available on both platforms. You just install the Google applications on your new phone and ready.

However, if you have already spent a lot of time on the side of the Apple, then move on to the Android can be a real headache. You need to get out of iMessage, for example, and many of the products purchased in iTunes will not work on Android (to view them, you need to use iTunes on a computer, iPad, or Apple TV).

To be clear, it is not impossible to switch from iPhone to Android, but can be difficult if you aren’t already using many Google services on your Apple device. Depends in large part on the compatibility with the various services Apple, such as iCloud and Apple Mail, as you do not get these apps on Android. The major application of Apple that you get on the platform of Google is Apple Music.

For many people upgrading from an existing phone, the decision the easier it is to just keep what you know. The process will be faster, and both the iOS as Android allow you to set up a new phone from an old one, which means that you can transfer a lot of things for your new device in a simple way.

That said, we also recommend checking that the other side can offer, in case some new feature or function to achieve your attention, or you just prefer the interface. It may be worthwhile to switch to an iPhone if you just buy a MacBook and an Apple TV, or switch to Android if you notice that you are using primarily Google apps on your iPhone.

The important thing here is to consider if you have already spent a lot of money in the ecosystem of the iOS. If this answer is yes, it might be a better investment to keep your iPhone, even if it is an older model of smartphone.

What the Specifications of the Smartphone Mean to Buy a Good Cellphone and Cheap?

The specifications of the smartphone are largely similar to the specifications of the computer: the processor controls the speed with which the phone can “think”, the RAM (Random Access Memory) determines how much the phone can think at the same time and the storage space is the amount of space that it provides for all your applications, music, videos, photos, games and other files.

Mobile screen

In addition, you, of course, has the size and the resolution of the screen. This affects the sharpness of the images and the text on the screen, as well as the ease with which the phone can be secure in your hand. The options for the small hands are decreasing in number, since the trend seems to be for larger screens.

Specifications of the device

However, unless you are going to the market low-budget or looking for the specifications top of the line, the smartphone does not matter as much as your laptop. Any smart-phone can run applications, and you do not need to search the most recent hardware, unless you want the games top of the line and intensive applications, like video editors, to be run at the maximum speed.

Protection against dust and other extra features

Other details to look for are waterproofing and protection against dust, and if the phone accepts a memory card to expand the onboard storage. It is worth remembering that iPhones do not accept this option. Another advantage to keep an eye on is the wireless charging, and many phones now offer this feature for convenience.


One of the most important specifications for any buyer of any smartphone is the camera quality, which is typically listed in megapixels (the size of the images), and aperture size, or number of f (how much of the light that the sensor allows to enter the camera). More megapixels and an f-number low generally mean better images, but many factors combine to determine the quality of a camera of the smartphone. When weighing the decision of your camera, you should also check the professional comments, the evaluations of the users, and the shots of the online sample.


Finally, the battery life is another important consideration. The size of the battery of the phone is measured in hours mAh or milliampere, with a higher number means more load. But, of course, many other factors, such as the size and resolution of the screen, will affect the speed with which the charge is depleted. Again, check out the reviews that you can find online, and remember that the manufacturers exaggerate the battery life of their devices.

Using all of these factors and choosing which are most important, then we come to the criterion that will lead to the choice of your smartphone: the price range.

Choosing the Right Price for a Smartphone, Good and Cheap

The final consideration, and perhaps the most important for many of us, is the price. A quick way to decrease your choices for a new phone is just set your budget and see what is available in your price range.

The Android phones have more price points of the iPhones. In addition to their mobile phones expensive, most of the major manufacturers of Android also offer versions decent mid range for those with a tighter budget or with needs that are less demanding. That said, Apple offers a few options in older models. Maybe even an iPhone used can be a good option.

In most cases, the phones that cost cheaper will serve you just as well as those more expensive, but it may be necessary to sacrifice the screen resolution, the camera quality or the loading speed of the applications along the way.

Do not forget the option of phones remanufactured or second-hand. Of course, you’re receiving a device that may be a little worn, but these devices generally work as well as the new, and the savings can be substantial. Make sure you buy it from a reputable source and look for extras like warranties to your smartphone.

The older phones are also an option, because when new devices arrive, the previous generation drops in price, even though they are still devices very capable. Look for models top of the line in the last year or 18 months, and you may be surprised to see what you can put in your pocket.

Consider the Time of the Purchase of Your Smartphone

Last, but not least, you should also consider the time that you plan to buy. Otherwise, your new phone shiny can be replaced within a few weeks. Apple usually launches new iPhones in September, and the models top of the line Google follow soon after. Most of the other manufacturers update their phones in march, although this can vary.

So, when you have your eye on a specific phone, check to see when it was released. If you are coming for the one-year anniversary, it might be better to wait for the next version.

And there, they managed to choose a smartphone good and cheap? What was the criteria most important to you?