How to Install Programs on Android Phone

Since the launch of Google Play on the internet, the task of installing programs on Android that already was simple and became even more easy. It is through the Play Store on the phone or accessing the web site on the internet, the Play Store works just like the “Add or remove programs” that exist in Windows. Is for Google Play, which programs can be installed on Android phone and just need to be connected to the internet for programs to be downloaded and installed automatically.

But if you think boring be installed directly on the cell phone and prefer to do this on the big screen of the computer, you can also count on the App Brain and also with the website of Google Play the official. Of these sites, you install the programs by the PC and the facilities are automatically synchronized with the appliance so that it connects to the internet. It is also possible to install applications outside of Play Store and App Brain, but it is recommended that you do this only if you know well about security and be 200% sure that the file came from a trusted source, virus-free.

The above video teaches you how to create a Google account through your mobile phone to be able to download apps through the Play Store. It is recommended to create an account mainly to have a tool to unlock the cell phone for the case you forget the password or unlock pattern. In addition, a Google account also allows you to access various services on the tech giant, such as Google Drive, Google Photos and Gmail. This, of course, the best email client available, in addition to being free.

Have you had any difficulty to use the Play Store? And to create a Google account? Share with us your questions and we will do our best to help!