How to Make a Home Connected Using Cell Phones of Old?

Recycle cell phones. I wish that this were the motto of all of us to live. When researching for this article, I came across a few official websites of the mobile industry in rich countries dedicated to recycling mobile phones of old. So, I know that the message is being sent. But is that a device can find its place in any place other than the trash? I hope that yes.

Finding a Utility for Your Device

Recycling mobile phones has never been so easy . But if you think that there’s a little bit of life still left in that old ringer, you can still squeeze a little something out of it before it is delivered to a recycling program. Use the creativity inside of you and inspire you a little.

Connecting Your Home with Your Old Device

Connect your home not only means leaving your home the technological. It also means to do with that everything in your house is used properly and that you do not have dead spaces or “trash” splash. It is important to have a utility for everything. And this time, you can also end up connecting, technologically speaking, your whole house.

An Old-fashioned Cell Phone & An Art Object

The first connection of a mobile phone old with your home can be done through a work of art. Imagine using the device as a lamp. Now imagine that this light fixture can be activated by sound or by an application on your mobile phone more new. Yes, it is possible to. All you need is some time, a little bit of knowledge in programming and creativity. Communities and sites in the internet such as Instructables are excellent to share ideas and figure out how to put your project into practice.

Take an Old Cellphone to An Adventure

To go for an adventure trip with a new smartphone can result in severe pain, if you put it into the water, or drop it by accident. Who has a pool or backyard big house, you know that this is a constant risk.

So, there are apps that can turn your old device into a phone as any other in the house, without the need to use a SIM card for it. You can install Skype, WhatsApp, among other applications, chat, connecting your old device to the Wi-Fi of your home and not worry so much if the instrument falls on the floor or inside your swimming pool.

Use an Old Phone as a Teaching Tool for Their Children

Children of today are born into a digital world. I, personally, think that children should be encouraged to see mobile phones as more than a device text messages. A simple use for kids could be use an old cell phone with a camera to collect images of flowers and leaves, stones, or even insects and study them later. The children can use applications such as Google Goggles to identify art works and monuments, among other things. Put some audio books on older appliances, the MP3 can also be great.

If the old cell phone is a smartphone, then apps are available in abundance that can help to recycle the mobile phone into a study tool that does not need to be a big headache as to the state of conservation. There are applications also that can turn your old device into a scanner. Why, then, do not ask their children to scan books and photos of the house?

Use an Old Phone as a Webcam or Remote Camera

An old phone with a camera can easily be converted into a webcam with the right kind of app for the brand and model. Some of the most simple instructions below:

  • The solution Mobiola Web Cam is available for iPhone , BlackBerry, Windows Mobile or Symbian (Nokia), but is not free of charge;
  • If you have an iPhone, you can go for iWebCamera and use it for video chat by Skype or any other thing;
  • iCam: a streaming webcam streamingpara iPhone that can be configured on a iPhone dropped and used as a camera remote surveillance;
  • Android users can search for IP Webcam, SmartCam and DroidCam as possible solutions of webcam alternatives. All are free and you can follow the individual instructions to set them up.

With some knowledge of programming, you can even end up doing some applications or modifications to better connect your mobile phone to your home.

Turn Your Device Into a Mouse, Keyboard And Universal Remote Control.

You can use your Android smartphone age, and even an iPhone as a mouse on mobile, wireless remote control, keyboard or trackpad. There are applications in almost all the App Stores to transform devices for mice and keyboards, remote, in addition to universal remote controls.

It is worth remembering that some devices will need an Infrared transmitter to serve as a universal remote control for tvs and other electronics.

Try it, Disassemble, Adapt, and Create

There are millions of applications that can give old smartphones a lease of life. I personally use my old phone as a camera and notepad. Soon, it will be transformed into a “camera tests” for filming in my mechanical workshop. I’m always trying to give a use to him.

These days, I read a lot about the circuit on the Arduino and its sensors. When you have some time, maybe use my old appliances in the lock of the door of the house such as a password, connecting the Arduino to my device. But this is only an idea, that with a little bit of research I’ve seen that was performed by some people.

The only limit here is your creativity. You may have to spend a little on some accessories, but I guarantee it will be worth it, in addition to impressing well your visits.

What is your creative idea to recycle your mobile phone without throwing it out or give it to another person? Share your ideas in the comments!