How to Turn Off Apps on the Smartphone?

Android phones typically contain applications that you cannot uninstall. All manufacturers practically put their own apps on their phone before they even get to you, and the operators will do the same with your own package of bloatware. Occasionally, these applications serve a useful purpose, but often they are useless to you.

Unfortunately, even if you do not use many of these applications can still be run in background, consuming system resources and / or spamming you with notifications. We analyze how to turn off notifications for the Android before and how to go from a mere mortal to a superuser, but today we will explain how to disable the apps for Android in which you have no interest.

How to Turn Off Android Apps?

It is very easy to disable applications. See the necessary steps:

Go to Settings -> Applications and scroll to the All tab for a complete list of your applications.

If you want to disable an app, just tap on it and then click Disable.

Once disabled, these apps will not appear in your list of core applications, so it is a good way to clean your list.

How to Reactivate Apps for Android?

It is also easy to recover these applications if you want to: All the applications that you disabled will be listed on the Disabled tab, to the right of the All tab in Settings -> Applications.

If you feel lack of something, there is a problem or simply changes his mind, you can find the app in question in the guide Disabled. Tap on it and select Enable.

You need to be careful when disabling apps randomly because there are apps running that perform important functions and it is not always obvious what they are. You may also find that some applications do not have an option of retiring or are disabled.

Try searching for a list of apps that is safe to disable for your specific device. You will find some useful topics with suggestions for most Android smartphones in online forums, specialized web sites and groups for your smartphone in social networks.

Which Apps Can I Disable on Android?

There is not a definitive list of apps that you can disable on Android. If your purpose is to disable applications is to gain space, give it up for this deactivation will not make space available. You can gain more space on the device doing the root and deleting the files bloatware. Lists of files bloatware are available to the mountains. Disable the apps of the system serves to improve the performance of the device and, at the same time, avoid bugs that may occur.

However, it is not always the root is the best option, especially for those who have little or no technical knowledge of appliances. You can end up making your unsafe device, deleting important applications, and end up with a machine full of problems and bugs in your hand.

When the problem is lack of memory or clumsiness of the device, the best solution still remains to increase the memory with a microSD card. This will help free up space on the internal storage of your smartphone or tablet and improve the performance of the device without having to disable or uninstall some applications.

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