Messages Broadcast – What They are and How to Disable?

Messages broadcast: what is it? Are mobile text messages sent to more than one person at the same time. The purpose of this type of message is to save you time, since it is not necessary to send a message each time for each cell phone number.

To that Serves Messages Broadcast?

The broadcast (English for broadcast/transmission) is used for marketing of products and services, usually of their own telephony operators in the mobile phone. Can also be used for alerts on accounts, changes in contracts and privacy policies of the company, important updates (like the addition of the digit 9, for example), and emergency alerts, such as floods and natural disasters in some regions. Messages boradcast can also inform changes in the carrier code, or code of the region where you are.

How to Disable Messages Broadcast?

If you live in a region vulnerable to natural disasters, such as storms and floods, we do not recommend the disabling of the broadcast. The Public Power can use this type of service for you to communicate about risks. So, even though you get a few marketing messages, goods messages broadcast bring outweigh the evils.

In other cases, especially if you receive many messages broadcast useless, to disable messages is very simple.

Disable Messages Broadcast in Android

Tap on the app “messages” or “messaging” of your smartphone with Android. In the screen that appears, tap the “menu” button on your smartphone and/or tap the “settings” of the messages. Look for the option “settings CB”, and uncheck the option “activation of the CB.

Disable Messages Broadcast on the iPhone

You can use applications, such as the Blacklist, to block certain numbers. In the settings of the iPhone, you can search for messages, settings and preferences, choice of text/SMS messages. Disable incoming e-mail/broadcast. Do the same for the site of your mobile operator. By the iMessage from iOS 7, tap the letter “i” next to the name of the contact who sent the message, and tap on “block”

To Disable Message Broadcast on Windows Phone

Open the settings and go to filter calls/SMS. Tap and change to “enabled”. In messages, tap the number that you sent the message with a long touch, and tap block number.

Managed to block the messages broadcast? If you got any questions, leave them in the comments. Remember that it may be necessary to block more than one number to end up with SPAM broadcast.