Mobile-to-Enterprise – Corporate Plans

The corporate plan of cell phones for business is what every company should do to reduce communications costs and enable their business. Multiple numbers can be registered in the same corporate plan, enabling the communication among employees and with customers in general. All mobile operators offer this corporate plan, which is quite competitive due to the number of advantages and the price, very similar between all the operators. The price of the corporate plan is not something pre-established: it is created through the data of your company, such as for example the number of lines required and the volume of use. From these data, it is done a budget, in which are presented the values.

The advantages offered by each of the operators are:

The devices are at no cost.

The connections between the lines of the plan are free of charge.

National and international connections to gain the discount.

3G technology and communication via cell phone and radio.

Corporate plan Alive:

The cost of the phones will be deductible in the income tax.

The plans include services such as caller id, voicemail, follow-me, call waiting, etc.

The minutes are shared between all lines of the plan.

The devices are at no cost or with much lower value in the market.

Corporate plan Tim:

The plan is flexible, offered according to the needs of each company.

Zero cost on the links between mobile phones of the plan.

Smartphones and mobile phones with a value of installments for the invoice.

Minutes shared between the lines.

Rates only connections to fixed or mobile.

Corporate plan Hi:

Between the cell phones of the company the cost of the connections is zero.

Os planos são flexíveis para cada tipo de empresa.

Tablets, Smartphones e modens 3G têm preços bem menores.

De acordo com o plano os descontos são progressivos.

Coverage in over 300 cities and several countries.

Unlimited SMS.

Unlimited connections to any other Nextel.

All devices have GPS.

Management online of the lines.

Rates new connections.

Before you choose a business plan, do not forget to compare the carriers and see which carrier has the best customer service. You’ll need it!

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