My Bluetooth Does Not Work! Why?

In fact, there are many things that can cause problems on Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet. It would be impossible to address all of them. What we try to do in addition to giving the simplest solutions is to guide our readers through the diagnostic of the Bluetooth issues until the solutions the most common and efficient for the problem.

Bluetooth Does Not Work on Android or iPhone: Power Cycle

His cell phone started to give problems with the Bluetooth of nothing. Simply turn off your device, wait 30 to 60 seconds, and back on the phone. Check to see if the trick worked. If you do not work for you, go for one of the next options.

Bluetooth Does Not Work: Remove the Battery

Remove the battery while the device is on, wait a few seconds, put the battery again, and back on the device. Check if the Bluetooth back to work. It is good to remember that if the device does not have removable battery, it is not possible to use this method.

Bluetooth with Problem: Wipe the Cache or Data from the Mobile Phone and Restart the Device

If the Bluetooth was connected and working properly and you were trying to adjust something on the phone before it stops working, go to settings -> applications. Tap on the app that you was setting up, and tap “clear cache” or “clear data”.

For those who have phone with root, you can use programs to clean the cache of the own Bluetooth. Open the program manager of applications and tasks, and look for Bluetooth. Tap on “clear cache” or “clear data” and restart the device. Test Bluetooth and see if it is working.

When the Bluetooth Does Not Work, Check Also the Devices that You Are Trying to Connect

Usually pair the Bluetooth in your mobile phone with another device is quite simple If you are still having difficulties pairing with another device,try to make sure to check if the device is working properly. It may not be a problem with your phone, but a problem with these other devices. See if the other devices are working (test with your smartphone or tablet from a friend) and try to re-enable your Bluetooth.

You Really Know How to Configure the Bluetooth of Your Smartphone or Tablet?

We’re not asking this maliciously. There are many people that configure wrong the Bluetooth of the mobile phone. Many manuals do not explain very well how to do, but we’ll explain:

  • Go to settings
  • Touch Bluetooth
  • Tap connect

Touching back on the Bluetooth, you can configure the name of your device, and the visibility of it to other devices. You can trigger the visibility of a permanent or temporary basis, and pair the device with the other, activating the Bluetooth of other devices.

Format Your Device to Fix the Bluetooth

The Bluetooth may begin to present problems when the device memory is too full, or when the instrument is out of date. Format the device and free space of the memory is an option to try to make the Bluetooth back up and running.

Technical Assistance: it is the Last Option for the Bluetooth

If nothing worked up to now, it is good to try the help of a technical assistance. In some cases, it may be a repair on the cheap. If the unit is under warranty, even better.

Is there any problem with Bluetooth that we do not treat in this article? Leave us feedback that we will do our best to help!