Podcasts and Songs to Listen to at the GYM

Go to a gym regularly can be very easy for some people, but considering the enormous index of dropouts in the first few months of workout, I think that most of the people prefer to exercise the mind.

We are all thirsty for information, emotions, news and other things that generate pleasure. Work out and exercise physically also generates some pleasure, but it becomes totally repetitive after a few days or weeks. Perhaps this is the biggest problem to keep in a gym, be able to combat the boredom – the feeling that you could be doing something better with your time.

One of the possible ways of solving this problem is to take your smartphone to the gym. But what to listen to or watch during a run on the treadmill or while you practice the series of exercises of bodybuilding?

I have at least 4 tips on what to listen to in the gym:

  • Songs and MP3 that you can put previously on your device. Well the obvious and most common.
  • FM radio for your region
  • Internet radio – has the disadvantage that it will consume bandwidth on your 3G, if it is not an unlimited account. But you can monitor the consumption of 3G, avoiding ultrapassasr the franchise.
  • Podcasts: these are the most efficient in the sense of utilization of time. While you mesh you can choose a subject that is of interest to you and study about the same. There are podcasts on almost anything you can imagine and excellent players that make it easier to use while exercising.
  • Audiobooks: almost as good as the podcasts, there are free and paid versions available on the internet about various subjects. In general you will take a few days to listen to every audiobook, unlike the podcasts that have shorter duration.
  • Language classes: there are hundreds of online courses in which you have material that needs to hear several times before you practice. You can perfectly listen to while doing physical exercises.

A good player for podcasts and audiobooks it is essential not to make the activity to work out even more complicated.

Which of the above options do you prefer? Use some special application while you are in the gym?