Portability of the Phone! How It Works and How Long It Takes? Rules!

The portability of the mobile phone is the possibility of transferring your mobile phone number and without any risk of losing the number because of contracts of fidelity or by having entered into an agreement with one or another carrier. Thus, the brazilian consumer may have more flexibility in the use of operators, without worrying about losing your contact number.

How It Works the Portability of the Cell Phone?

The consumer to find a plan of a mobile operator that is more advantageous to him now do not need to feel stuck because you have a number that will be lost because of change of operator. If you want to change carriers, the consumer will be able to carry the number with you. In other words, the consumer becomes the owner of the mobile number, and you may choose which one the operator that best meets their needs, creating greater competition and lower prices between the carriers.

How to Make the Portability of the Cell Phone?

The step-by-step is simple to make the portability of your mobile phone.

  1. Search for a new cell phone plan that meets your needs.
  2. Gather your documents: proof of residence, identity document and CPF.
  3. Check your contract with your current carrier for any fines for the termination of, or any outstanding debts that you have with the current carrier.
  4. Contact with the new operator, by choosing the new plan and asking for the portability of the mobile phone number to this new plan (if a plan is pre-pay, just get the chip with your number). You can make the request by phone, in a store of the carrier, or the carrier’s web site.
  5. Note the protocol number and wait for the transfer to the new plan.

Up to date license from your new plan, usually your device will still continue functioning normally in the carrier old. Usually, within 24 hours the process will already be complete and you can use your device on the new carrier.

In Portability I Need to Cancel My Old Plan?

You do not need to cancel your old plan. Your carrier old will tell you about the progress of the portability, and when the plan is finally cancelled. You can make the portability of any type of plan (pre paid, post paid, control, etc.) for any type of plan.

The Portability is Free of Charge?

Although you can charge for portability, a value established by law, the carriers to which people take advantage of the mobile phone number they usually make portability free.

How Long It Takes the Portability?

Within 3 days you are with your number already usable in operator new. In several cases, the new number it gives to use in less than 24 hours.

I’m Going to be Able to Use My Mobile Phone During the Porting?

Yes. Only during a small period of time is that portability will not work, and that usually lasts a few hours.

Portability Can be Denied?

Can. For example, when the mobile phone number that does not exist, the data sent by the client may be incorrect or incomplete, you may have some incorrect data about the number of the machine, if the number portability for fixed service to mobile service and vice versa, etc. You can be refused also the portability if you have debts with the current carrier, and the carrier new make a query the systems of credit protection such as SPC and SERASA.

The Consumer Can Give Up the Portability?

Can within two business days, without any cost.

You May Have to Pay Two Phone Bills in the Same Month

When you do this portability, you may have to pay proportional to that used in the carrier old during the previous period. It is worth saying also that if you had credits or minutes in the carrier’s old, they will be lost in the transfer. Then, in the same month, in addition to the account of the operator new, you may have to pay the remainder of the account of the operator old.

The Contract of Loyalty and Portability: What to Do?

The loyalty is valid for up to 12 months, provided that the consumer has some advantage for this loyalty. If the loyalty was renewed or if the customer is in the middle of the term and the client wants to do the porting, he has to bear the costs of a fine for early termination of the contract.

Is There Any Limitation to the Portability of the Mobile Phone?

No. You can do this as many times as you wish, to any carrier that you want.

You have already made the portability of the operator? How was the procedure? Had some problem during the transition?