Record Audio In Whatsapp Listening To Music? How?

Of the many things that have helped to reshape the telephone industry, the WhatsApp is definitely among the first. This messaging service is alone responsible for destroying the messages SMSs, and even international phone calls. WhatsApp is a boon to humanity and their status as of 24 hours is the latest fashion. These messages based on the video / image to allow users to say what they want in the best possible way.

I feel that the ability to record video is great, however, it is a little sad not to be able to add music of my choice in this video. This is a big problem, or is it?

The more rapid response and more happy is not, is not. You can add your music to a WhatsApp status during the recording of the camera. Yes, while you record live.

But how do you do it? In this post, we’ll talk about all the ways in which you can add your own custom music to your WhatsApp status and fine-tune it even more. Note that this technician can also work when you want to send a audio with music in the background.

Record Audio And Video With Background Music On Whatsapp

As mentioned above, you can add music to your status, or audio from WhatsApp during the recording in the app itself. However, there is a slight distortion in this story.

WhatsApp allows you to record the sound along with the video for the status. Now, all you need to do is use this feature to your advantage and add your favorite music to the status or an audio.

Step 1: use any music player application on your phone and play the music that you want to use as background music for the WhatsApp status. For this, you can even use a music application online. Make sure you’re playing the music through the speaker and not the headset with or without wire.

Step 2: now open the WhatsApp while the music is playing in the background. Go to WhatsApp and start to register your status or save your audio. Make sure that the reproduction of the music is at maximum volume. This way, you can ensure a better quality of background music for your status.

Step 3: when you finish recording, quickly preview the recording and if everything is in the correct order, post your status or send your audio.

Record Audio In Whatsapp Listening To Music How

Record Audio In Whatsapp And Listen To Music At The Same Time With The Application

Although the method mentioned above to work in an excellent way, adding music by using a third-party application is much better and also ensures better audio quality. The video editor must have the right amount of resources to create custom videos and perform the work quickly. You can choose any one that you prefer. Now, to add music to your status or audios using the app, the procedure is very similar.

Step 1: use your phone to record a video, status or audio by an application of voice recording. It can be anything that you would like to show to your friends. Don’t worry about the music playing in this, because we will be adding the music separately.

Step 2: after you are finished recording your video, open the app and import the video or audio to the app.

Record Audio In Whatsapp Listening To Music How

Step 3. focus on the music that you want to use and, once complete, select the volume level of the music appropriate. At this time, it would be a better option to reduce the volume of the video or original audio, as this could add noise.

If you want you can also choose to make the music at the beginning and at the end, to add a bit of professionalism to your video. Once done, save the video or audio on your phone.

Step 4: open WhatsApp, go to your status and add the video that you just create, or send the audio to the desired person. It is ideal to view the video or hear the áudioantes post and, if everything seems to be in order, share-o.

How To Record Audio On Whatsapp Listening To Music: Alternative Method

If the methods above are too complicated for you or did not work, there is still one more option. You can change the settings of the app of music to be able to record the audio while listening to music.

Record Audio In Whatsapp Listening To Music How

To do this, open your application music player favorite. Go to the settings of the app music. In one of the configuration options, will appear a menu with something written as “Focus audio”. Choose “Ignore other applications”. And ready!

Which method worked for you? Has other methods that you know of?